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A Tragic Accident Resulting in Courage, Resiliency and Hope

Jeff Saenz is your loyal neighbor, customer, musician, and producer for the Dallas community and music industry as a whole.

On June 1, the power went out at Saenz's Dallas home. When he went outside to check, Saenz came in contact with a downed, high-voltage power line. He underwent 11 surgeries for his 3rd and 4th degree burns and had his right arm and left forearm/hand amputated. To date, Jeff has over $1 million in hospital bills and still hasn't been approved for prosthetics or any coverage, which can run up to $100,000 per arm.

In this article from Rolling Stone Jeff was called the ‘center of the Dallas music scene, the guy who started it all.’

JEFF JAM: An Evening of Music & Art benefitting The Jeff Saenz Recovery Project is the brainchild of Recording Artist Leslie Austin who, just days before the accident, was recording with Saenz at his studio Modern Electric Sound Recorders in Dallas. Though the mission was born out of a tragedy, the results will be a victorious, impactful celebration of courage, resilience, global impact and a legacy still in the making.

Will you join us as a Sponsor for JEFF JAM? This benefit concert & art auction will raise critical funds for Jeff’s medical bills, prosthesis, and adaptive technology.

Join us on Thursday, January 13, 2022 at the iconic Dallas venue Trees in Deep Ellum featuring recording artists Leslie Austin, Orchids Bloom, Jake Quillian, and fine artist/painter Toni Martin who will be painting live during the concert. Her finished work will be auctioned off with proceeds going to help Jeff & his family.

Join us & Sponsor JEFF JAM: An Evening of Music & Art

It will not only change the lives of Jeff, his fiance, Monica and their two-year-old daughter Lola, but enable Jeff to continue his important contributions to the music industry as a Producer, Artist, and Mixing Engineer. Here is an article update from NBCDFW on Saenz’s story.

The benefit concert, art auction and fundraising campaign will raise funds with *proceeds going directly to meet the needs of Jeff and his family for medical bills, treatments, prosthetics, adaptive technology for daily life & music production, and even many of the basic needs that remain inaccessible due to this tragic accident. Thank you for partnering with us on Jeff Jam and the Jeff Saenz Recovery Project. Every contribution counts.

Please DM me, email or phone me to discuss how your partnering dollars will help support this important initiative and highlight your organization as a named sponsor.

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