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Tackling Burnout ,  Interactive Keynote Presentation
Extinguish Employee Burnout, Increase Employee Well-Being
Practical Solution to Employee Wellness, Employee Engagement & Employee Happiness
Candid Discussions on Mental Wellness and Stress Management

Engaging Presentations and Workshops That Inspire Action!

Linda Mullins is a Certified Vistage Presenter  and Certified John Maxwell Speaker

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Linda brings savvy, informed and engaging discussions on the tough subjects of burnout, mental health and team health, with the right mix of information, insight, and interaction. Not only does Linda’s personal experience with burnout in   corporate roles inform the discussion, but her 15 years in the integrative wellness market, engage, inform and empower!   Audience members walk away with know-how, poised to impact their personal well-being and organizational goals.

Linda’s valuable content and compelling delivery turns a business meeting or learning environment into a life-changing event. Her captivating storytelling and humor enable her to convey her experience and inspire her listeners to reach higher Participants are captivated, motivated, and committed to make immediate and positive changes equipping them to become their best selves.

Keynotes and conference speeches are available, as well as half-day, and full-day experiences. Linda will customize content and delivery methods, tailored to your specific,  organizational needs.

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