Change Mangement Coaching

Change Management

Team Coaching

ILG combines focused, individual coaching with team development to clarify expectations, optimize effectiveness or re-energize an under-performing team. We also drive alignment of team, individual and organizational objectives by using a variety of tools including Masterminds and Executive Team Building Retreats.

Team Facilitation

Groups engage in rich discussions to ensure inclusion, ownership, clarity, and the delivery of intended outcomes.

Relaxed, Lunch N Learns

Structured Master Minds using best-selling material from John Maxwell

The Leadership Game; a fun, effective method to unite a team

Conflict Resolution & Team Intervention

Teams are guided through the identification and resolving of limiting interpersonal dynamics and team roadblocks


We take leadership and organizational transformation seriously equipping your team to become their best selves. Giving you the peace of mind necessary to do what you do best; create and lead with passion!

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