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happy diverse team at employee retreat

Company Retreat -Let's Take it Outside!

Aren't we past due for a little recess & horsing around?  ILG infuses fun into our unique wellness offsite designed to restore joy and re-energize the team. The One-Day Reset includes safely distanced group movement/fitness activities, group and individual sessions with integrative wellness practitioners that deliver meaningful takeaways for everyone. We also drive alignment of team, individual and organizational objectives by using a variety of activities to uplift, reconnect & cultivate camaraderie.

Online Workshop

Or . . .Online Corporate Wellness Experiences!

Managing burnout and stress are the number one need of the day!   With our customized  virtual well-being solutions, participants actually engage in mindfulness activities like breath work, yoga and rich discussions with professionals in Performance Psychology and Lifestyle Medicine to ensure they learn best practices for optimizing their own well-being and that of the team.  This is nothing like any online meeting or webinar seen before. Breakout sessions are tailored to the dynamics of your group.  Just like our dynamic One-Day Reset - only online.



employee wellness group coaching

Group Coaching

Teams are guided through the identification and resolving of limiting interpersonal dynamics and team roadblocks


We are passionate about elevating the overall well-being of your team.  The One Day Reset is ideal for immediate and measurable impact to the emotional health and effectiveness of each team member.  Giving you the peace of mind necessary to do what you do best; create and lead with passion!

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