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Extinguish Executive Burnout and Employee Burnout!



Extinguish employee burnout! The best medicine for a weary team is the Rx of not-so corporate retreat.  The demands of the day require a deeper focus on employee well-being. In today's ever-changing landscape, your people can benefit from a corporate wellness retreat. 


Take it outside of the  boardroom  and enjoy the beauty of nature as the backdrop to inspire change through rich content designed with your objectives in mind.  Our dynamic Executive Coaches, facilitators and health professionals will lead your people towards a paradigm shift in their personal and team, employee well-being, allowing for deeper trust, communication, and team effectiveness .


Locations are flexible.  We can arrange awe-inspiring corporate well being programs in Colorado, Texas, Florida or California.  Include some fun, physical activities & team-building games like Cook-Off Competitions, Park or Beach Olympics, Scavenger Hunts, Ropes Courses, Flash Mobs, and Amazing Race to name a few. 


Tell us your objectives and we will create the perfect mix for your team that will having lasting results as we incorporate employee burnout recovery with mental wellness and stress management practices.  Breathe new life into your key employees with a strategic, effective, energy- boosting,

all-inclusive team wellness retreat.  Let our team of professionals lay the groundwork that will foster  the growth of a healthy, cohesive team that is sure to:

  •    Increase Employee Engagement

  •    Multiply productivity​​

  •    Escalate goal attainment

  •    Reduce attrition

  •    Elevate company morale

  •    Add to the bottom line

Re-energize the most valuable asset in your organization – the people that make it happen.  Increase their productivity and ensure successful outcomes with an Executive Team Building, Corporate Retreat that is unlike any in the industry. Here at ILG, we will customize the itinerary to your specific needs.   Rest assured - you can count on us to handle all the details and deliver:

Elimination of team roadblocks

Fresh perspective and paradigm shift

Strategic insights for a more effective team and organization

Renewed mental and physical vitality for participant

Shared vision and a mindfulness approach to your key business challenges

A more unified team 

Increased peace of mind for the stakeholder 

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