Leadership is Influence . . .  nothing more – nothing less.

- John C. Maxwell 

About Us

Intentional Leadership Coach, EQ, Engaging, Experienced

At Inspired Leadership Group  that’s what we’re all about  -Increasing your Influence!

​As part of the John Maxwell Team, Inspired Leadership Group has deep roots of sound Leadership Expertise and methods that enable us to fuel the  evolution of your leadership and the culture of your company.

Offering Executive Coaching and Team Development you may choose Executive Wellness Retreats,  Executive Off ites, Customized Team Building Retreats or Immersion Workshops , Masterminds or Lunch and Learns at your place of business.  Either way, we'll journey with you to increase your influence and inspire all to achieve  peak performance and become their best selves.

Our Passion

Our passion is to equip leaders to optimize their personal well being using an integrative approach so they can enjoy more vibrancy, a better quality of life and be more effective in their leadership roles.  

Some of our U.S.– Based Team

Linda Mullins

Founder, Executive Coach

With over 20 Years of Progressive Leadership Roles in both private and publicly traded companies, Linda received in-depth leadership coaching, training and mentoring experience from some of the best companies in the world.   In 2007 she launched her first start-up, a boutique wellness retreat property in Florida where she and her team served their client executives and business owners in transforming their health using an integrative approach. With a passion for this experiential, immersion method of transforming behavior and lifestyle,  Linda now leads an integrative wellness team at retreats around the globe that equip leaders to become their best selves through a holistic wellness approach that addresses the critical components of mind, body and spirit.

Haleh Damavandi, Ed D


Dr. Haleh Damavandi is an international leading expert in the field of Performance Psychology. She has worked with world class athletes, performing artists, and elite business leaders helping them take their performance to the next level.  She shares her passion of empowering leaders to reach their peak performance at Inspired Leadership Group's Executive  Wellness Retreats. 

Pamela Seefeld, R.Ph

Pharmacognosy Consultant

 While in Pharmacy college at Uiversity of Florida, Pam took a particular interest in pharmacognosy, which is the study of medicinal plants   As a practicing pharmacist and  pharmacognosy consultant for 25 years she has been involved in metabolic support, vitamin therapeutics and medicinal natural products. Through her meticulous research of products and quality control, she has helped thousands of individuals  improve their health.  Patients suffering from a variety of  health conditions including mental health, heart disease, insomnia, diabetes, vertigo, pain management, weight loss, fatigue, and numerous other health conditions have increased wellness and reduction of prescription medications.

Robin Perry Braun, MPsy

Mental Wellness Practitioner

Using a holistic approach, Robin helps people release blocks to having all they desire, ultimately to living a life of peace and joy.  Many of her clients find shifts in areas such as increased success, weight loss, relief of depression/anxiety and elevated physical health.   In her more than 25 years  mental & emotional wellness practice, she has explored a wide array of techniques that contribute to healing body, soul and spirit.  From this deep, practical experience, she has developed her own certified modality which delivers significant, lasting results for her clients.   

She is the author of A Believer’s Guide to the Law of Attraction; 30 Days to Peace and Joy and Journey Through the Storm, Overcoming the Pain of Your Husband’s Sex/Porn Addiction.   


Sun Chen

​​Holistic Health Practitioner

An MD Neurologist from China and  a recognized Acupuncturist in the U.S., having successfully served over 100,000 individual clients in her 35 years holistic healing practice. She is a best- selling book author, Qi Gong/ Tai Chi Master, wellness educator and community service volunteer with a mission to eliminate illness suffering and maximize mind body healing to help stressed people experience vibrant health and ageless living.

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