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Integrative  Wellness Retreat


What We Deliver 


  • A paradigm shift for higher effectiveness in every aspect of your life

  • Discovery of the mental blocks that have limited you and learn personalized strategies to overcome them

  • Connection to your mind-body connection to eliminate stress

  • Stop self-medicating

  • Precision coaching that yields new practices designed for your peak performance; mental, physical and spiritual

  • Increased overall wellness and life balance

  • A new beginning for a journey with your best self with restored joy and excitement for better choices in your future


Imagine an elegant, relaxed environment that gives you room to breathe.  Really breathe and restore your soul.  Your soul is your mind, will & emotions.  At ILG Executive Wellness Retreats this is what you will experience. No networking required! Enjoy solitude or community.  With only a couple of structured group activities outside of fitness classes, relationships occur organically.  Engage as you wish. This is about you!
So much more than typical spa retreats California style or a fitness getaway, our program provides more depth through an integrative approach, uncovering the root causes of burnout and giving you practical lifestyle adjustments resulting in increased emotional healing and mental fitness. 

We invite you to come away with us to one of our body and soul retreats in Florida. Or perhaps you prefer the west coast.  You can enjoy this deeper, holistic approach at our yoga spa retreats California.  Here you will be surrounded by best in class practitioners whose entire mission is to aid you in breaking out of old thought patterns and ignite your passion to reach a higher level of personal well being which will impact your leadership and your life.
Your journey includes all of the components needed to revitalize a weary body, rid yourself of mental burnout and refresh your spirit. 
Luxurious accommodations with all the accoutrements you expect on  a luxury vacation getaway. You will enjoy delicious, healthy cuisine, invigorating fitness activities, and both individual and group sessions with Mental Wellness Professionals, Physical/ Medical Wellness Practitioners and Executive Coaches.
 Experience a week of true respite time, customized to your needs, that will enable you to return home with a recharged body, fresh mindfulness perspectives of increased clarity and vision for your business and your life. 
Come fill yourself up so that your renewed energy will blaze a path of passion and purpose for you and everyone in your life.

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Join us  for a life-changing week at an immersive, revitalizing Executive Wellness Retreat. Along with an exclusive group of other forward-thinking executives, you'll experience much-needed respite time that will recharge your batteries in a way as never before.   Hosted by amazing, integrated wellness team of health professionals including a Mental/Emotional Wellness Practitioner, Natural Medicine Practitioner, Certified Executive Coaches and other specialists in the fitness arena, you will be fully restored; mentally, physically and spiritually.  Join us to return to experience more joy as you become your best self.​

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