Executive Coaching

What area of your life is suffering?

Leadership can be a highly stressful, unbalanced place.  Given these unprecedented times, overwhelm and mental burnout has most literally become its own pandemic.  In fact, burnout was named a diagnosis code in May of 2019! Almost a year before COVID.  And now, experts report we will see major impact in the state of our mental health well after the shutdown. Vital areas of your life constantly competing for first place in which mediocrity and failure can have huge implications for us, our families and businesses.

Success in all these competing priorities is possible with Intentional Leadership. The team at ILG can help you create this harmony.  By working towards congruency  in each of the critical areas of your life,  our mindfulness approach fueled by passionate, cutting-edge thought leaders can help you get there.

Enhancing High Potential Performance

Today's business climate is defined by rapid and accelerating change. Through introspection, stakeholder feedback, development planning, ongoing coaching support and progress measurement, ILG helps leaders focus on what will make the biggest difference in their leadership.

Custom Coaching & Leadership Solutions

Sometimes a deeper dive into communication or another area is desired, and ILG has designed coaching solutions to meet the needs most often identified by our clients:

  • Increasing Leadership Skills

  • Effective Interpersonal Communication

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Persuasive Presentations

  • In-depth Assessments

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