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Whether year-end... Q1... Q2... holiday blues or family stresses have you exhausted – 'tis the season for burnout for many of us.

Whatever the reason you’re feeling burnt & crispy this season, it can actually be a

good thing. Wait, what? Yes, it’s a wake-up call begging to be answered!

We may shrug it off to lack of sleep or exercise or diet or overwork. And while these all may

be contributors and very real, what's the even deeper, underlying issue? Maybe lack of #WorkLifeBalance? Many industries and bosses still laugh at that term and the idea of achieving it. Though many seek it (or at least talk about it) few people I know are experiencing it due to incongruency; a term I learned from my esteemed colleague and Peak Performance Psychologist, Haleh Damavandi. Are you being true to self by using the precious resource of time on those most important to you? Are your behaviors consistent with what your heart longs for? At your core – the depths of who you truly are, are your very deepest beliefs and desires expressed in the way you do life? If you’re not making room for the people and things you cherish most in a meaningful, consistent way – it can lead to all the other symptoms mentioned earlier.

As the year-end races to a screeching halt, take time to reflect and honor your true self by making room for what's most valuable to you and consider that just maybe #BurnoutIsAGift that, when handled with care, can lead to #EmotionalTransformation, refreshment, renewal and more joy.


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