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Pushing RESET - 5 Ways to Extinguish Burnout

Author: Linda Mullins

If the demands of the past eighteen months have stolen a bit of your peace and joy, you’re not alone. The truth is, a global pandemic shutdown, or any significant life event, takes a toll on your emotions and your state of mental health and produces a myriad of symptoms in your physical body.

Mustering up the strength to do all that adulting requires can be hard work, especially when you’re experiencing burnout. These days, too many are in that boat and finding it difficult to hold it all together, even while the world is opening, we are hopeful the pandemic will quickly become a distant memory.

Whether you’re experiencing anxiety and stress from life disruption caused by COVID -19, the end of a marriage, the loss of a parent you’ve been caring for, or mounting financial concerns, the truth is - any major life event produces trauma. Plain and simple. Trauma impacts every fiber of your being. It manifests itself not only physically, but it seeps deep into your very soul. The stress from such trauma often strips the body of every ounce of energy. In turn, your will to do anything at all often vanishes.

Burnout actually became a medical diagnosis code from the World Health Organization in May of 2019, well before the pandemic ushered in a new ‘strain’ of burnout. Often brought about by chronic stress at work, the WHO defines burnout as a syndrome that includes depleted energy, exhaustion, negativity, cynicism and reduced productivity. Does this sound like anyone you know?

Daily Habits for Burnout Recovery, Remedies to Employ Now

If you are so burnt out that you just want to ‘check out’, but your obligations are preventing you, you can still take action right now. Do yourself a favor and take a mental health afternoon or full day, spend some time in nature, or with a friend that makes you laugh. These suggestions are not trivial or trite, any of them can be a step in the direction of a little mental and physical renewal. Though the root cause of burnout may be exhaustion or cynicism or a number of other things, according to a recent article from Harvard Business Review, a common theme among the remedies for those suffering with the condition is compassion; compassion for self and for others.

Let’s start with self-compassion, it must begin with getting some sleep! To put it bluntly,  our mental capacity goes down the tubes without quality sleep! The dramatic impact of sleep deprivation includes; decreased brain function, memory loss, depression and even psychiatric disorders, let alone all of the physical impacts we will look at later. Sleep is truly one of the most important factors affecting your mental health. I mean, how many of you are a completely different person when you haven’t slept for a night or two?

So, whatever measures you must take to ensure a couple of days in a row of solid sleep, I urge you to do them. I’m not suggesting prescription meds. In fact, just the opposite, there are many high quality, natural remedies to calm your brain and body for a night of rest (one of them is physical activity in your day). You can consult with a Naturopath, Nutritionist or Lifestyle Medicine Doctor for natural herbal remedies and hear more about a four-pronged approach to mitigating burnout by checking out the blog at Inspired Leadership Group.

Prayer Really Is The Answer

Talking with God each morning and throughout the day brings peace and sets the tone for how we will show up that day. For years I diminished the power of a deep relationship with my Creator. Now I understand how critical it is to put time with Him first. In fact, instead of rattling off the words; mind, body, spirit, I’m flipping my approach and practice of holistic health to; Holy Spirit, then mind, then body. I believe this is the proper order that will drive divine health and wellbeing from the inside out. Whether you are a first responder on the front lines in military, healthcare, business or at home, the old adage prayer works is true. Give it a try, you have nothing to lose but stress & peace and joy to gain.

Restorative yoga or Yin yoga a couple of times a week specifically for the physical aspects of helping to unwind all of the muscles you have ‘wound up' during the week. It lengthens muscles, reduces tension and you will leave the class truly restored and ready for another intense workout or another hectic day.

Breathwork is also a game-changer; with as little as 10 minutes of breathwork, meditation or prayer, you can literally change your mental state. While these suggestions may sound a bit 'soft' to some people, they are simple and practical ways you can start immediately to replenish your mental energy and improve your overall well being.

If you engage in any of these activities; prayer, meditation, yoga or breathwork, the physical and mental effects are the same; more peace, calm, lower heart rate and a brighter outlook. Any can be a first step to honoring yourself and your mental state in short time frames throughout the day. You can learn more in a recent article on Thrive Global about cultivating a lifestyle of well-being in those areas.

Along with some practical day-to-day actions, let’s face it, many of us may be in need of an even stronger, rehabilitation type remedy. With the skyrocketing numbers of both adults and youth living with the effects of burnout, mental health practitioners and online mental health apps are bursting at the seams with hurting people. Still, there is a gap in the industry and an overwhelming need for a more comprehensive, in-person, and more effective solutions to fully recover and sustain a healthy lifestyle once out of the woods.

While a vacation or spa retreat will certainly help a bit. But if you are seeking lasting change, you may want to consider an immersive, life-affirming, holistic program that is specifically designed for burnout recovery. These rare, exclusive offerings are highly specialized at discreet locations with concierge wellness practitioners trained to get you energized and back to your purpose, that created the vision, that built a passion to do what is needed to reach your goals.

Whatever you decide, take the first step, your mental and physical health are of the utmost importance. You can choose to break free from the state of burnout. If you need more tips, additional resources or just to talk, please reach out.

Linda Mullins is Founder of Inspired Leadership Group Retreats and Luxury Executive Wellness. She and her team are fueled by a passion to help others become their best selves. Inspired Leadership Group includes holistic concierge health practitioners offering proven methods to increase your balance and effectiveness by addressing each critical piece of the whole person; Spirit mind, and body.

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