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Leveling-Up Your Thought Life

I was inspired to write this book to serve as a blueprint and a powerful tool for #stressmanagement and #burnoutrecovery, beginning with leveling-up the #thoughtlife.

It all starts with a thought, a tiny musing that enters our mind. At that point we choose to entertain that thought or let it go. Too often we allow familiar, self-defeating narratives to play continuously. But we have a choice, we can take every thought captive - before it affects what we say. Proverbs 18:21 says “The power of life and death are in the tongue”.

Gandhi said “Watch your thoughts, they become words, watch your words, they become actions, watch your actions, they become your habits; watch your habits, they become your character; watch your character, it becomes your destiny.”

Changing the narratives in your head will change your life.

Click on the book title or here to get a copy

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