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Luxury Rehab Alternative, Exotic Locations, Concierge Doctors, Ultimate Discretion

Let us curate your ideal wellness retreat team that comes to you

Tailored itinerary, pricing varies. Call 707-722-7032

Private Executive Burnout Recovery Retreat

    • Private luxury accommodation
    • Custom itinerary tailored to your needs
    • All meals, snacks and beverage (does not include alcohol)
    • Individual sessions with Mental Health Practitioner
    • Individual sessions with Naturopath Doctor
    • Daily Fitness activities, private instructor
    • Breathwork or yoga for stress management
    • Trauma Release
    • Inner Healing
    • Spiritual Coaching
    • Life Strategy Sessions with Executive Coach
    • Spa Services
    • Lifestyle Wellness Consultations
    • 360 Wellness Plan take home to continue wellness and peace
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