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Studies show that your IQ doesn't change but your EQ can! That's good news for many of us!

#EQisAMuscle that can be developed. The first step is knowing what the heck it is.

Here's the components of EQ:

#SelfAwareness: The ability to recognize emotional

components in one’s thoughts or physical states, as in

noticing feelings, labeling them, and connecting them

to their source.

#SocialAwareness: The ability to recognize emotional

components behind another’s communications, often

through sound, appearance, or behavior.

#SelfManagement: The ability to recognize and

accurately communicate information without undue

influence from one’s emotions.

•#RelationshipManagement: The ability to have (and

exhibit) sensitivity to another’s feelings and concerns.

Stay tuned for tips on how to #DevelopYourEQ

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