Experience Wellness

Sample Itinerary

  A Modest Pace To Restore Mental & Physical Vibrancy

***Your Individual Sessions with Practitioners will  alternate days - Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday

Sandpearl Resort, Clearwater Beach, FL

January 31-February 5, 2021


Sunday     3:00              Arrive at your leisure and enjoy the sugar sand beaches

                 6:00-7:00     Welcome Reception - Meet the Team

                 7:00              Dinner at Carreta's -Solo or in Community, Evening at Your Leisure


Monday    7:00-8:15       Group Beach Fitness or Walk/Jog & Stretch Lab

                 8:30-9:30      Breakfast at Your Pace

                 10:00-11:00    Group Session: Pamela Seefeld, Dr.PH -  Epigenetics,  

                                        How Diet &   Supplements Affect Your Health

                  11:30-12:30    Individual Session with Physical Wellness Practitioner


                  12:30-2:00    Lunch at Your Pace

                  2:00-3:00     White Space


                  5:00-6:00    Group Class - Yoga /Breath Work or  Spa Treatment

                  6:30-9:00     Dinner and Community at Your Pace

Tuesday     7:00-8:15      Group Fitness/Bike Ride & Stretch Lab

                  8:30-9:30      Breakfast at Your Pace

                  10:00-11:00    Group Session:  Best Practices to Mitigate Executive Burnout

                  11:30-12:30     White Space


                  12:30-3:30     Lunch at Your Pace/ White Space

                  3:30-4:30      Individual Session with Mental Wellness Practitioner


                  5:00-6:00      Group Yoga /Breath Work or  Spa  

                  6:30-9:00      Dinner and Community at Your Pace