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Does COVID Have You Mentally Stressed?

When a massage just won't do the trick -

Is your physical health lacking . . . exhausted, maybe even to a point of chronic illness? Could you use a wellness day away designed to improve your body, mind and spirit?   

Passport to Wellness is designed just for you to take a #digitaldetox, away from the chaos and enjoy some serenity, peace, breath work, movement and learn from top pros who know exactly what you need to leave the day feeling more well and hopeful than when you showed up. Honor yourself with true self-care and invest in your personal well-being

Your team of concierge wellness practitioners at Inspired Leadership Group deliver the Rx your weary body and mind need, a holistic approach of fun, movement, #stressmanagement, delicious food & a big dose of encouragement.  And oh, by the way we'll throw in the chair massage too!  Hit the RESET button on your health & join us.

When: Friday 10/23 8:30-3:30 - Live event, thoughtfully designed, physically-distanced

Where: Oak Point Park Nature Preserve 5901 Los Rios Blvd. Plano, TX

Limited Reservations to ensure safe distancing and an awesome experience

Grab a spot for you and a friend & unplug!

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