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How's Your Heart Health ?

By Linda Mullins

February is American Heart Month, and today is National Wear Red Day. As a nation we highlight the importance of getting your heart checked and maintaining healthy cholesterol, healthy weight and sufficient exercise. This is paramount to good heart health and aids in preventing the the leading cause of death for women in the United States, heart disease.

So for everyone, and today, women in particular, I ask - how's your heart doing? Are you honoring yourself by truly taking care of your body's life-giving organ?

Self-care has been a buzz word for many years, it is often linked to unplugging, recreation and indulging in long bubble baths and spa days filled with massages and facials. I'm a big fan of all of this and enjoy it as often as possible. Because, of course, I'm only taking care of my heart!

Taking care of our physical being is self-care, in its purist form. A close cousin to this is soul-care, taking notice and caring for mind, will and emotions. With this in mind, I pose the question - how is your heart, really?

A heart posture, is the 'attitude' of the heart and its willingness to surrender, spiritually and emotionally, which impacts the physical heart, and every other part of the body. When we allow our emotional heart to become hardened by this world and its many trials, losses and relational woes, we contribute to dis-ease, physically, mentally and emotionally.

There is another choice. And, for certain it is a choice. We can gather the deep pain we have endured in this life, the challenges we have faced and the heartaches experienced, to serve as a tenderizer, softening our hearts and molding us into more loving and empathetic souls.

When choosing a heart posture one of openness, receiving love, healing from past wounds and risking deeper relationships, our heart can become full again and more able to withstand the trials, without breaking.

So, while we are reminded of this important day for the health of our heart organ, I encourage another kind of heart check, the one that forgives all trespasses, deletes any record of wrong, deals with any anger, resentment or bitterness, and loves people well, allowing fresh oxygen and live-giving blood flow to body and soul.

My wish this day dedicated to heart health - may your heart become magnificently pliable and ready to receive and give love abundantly this month and always. Celebrate your healthy heart, the essence of who you are.

Cheers to your health of your heart!

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