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How's Your Thought Life?

By Linda Mullins

It all begins with a thought, a tiny musing dropped in your mind. Thousands of times a day we either choose to dwell on a thought or to let it go. When experiencing exhaustion or feeling depleted, our thoughts can get cloudy and overwhelm us, but we are still choosing which thoughts to continue thinking. What If, the very instant a thought leaps into your brain, you can manage to filter out the negative, the lie, and steer your mind, heart posture, thought life and actions toward things that are true?

If you pause for a moment and consider what thoughts you have been entertaining, you may see a pattern. Things like; ‘no matter what I do I can’t lose the weight.’ Or ‘I’m not qualified for the promotion,’ and other self-defeating narratives playing in your head. The mind truly is a battlefield. It is a war over our thought life, and the enemy knows our weaknesses; he preys on areas where we are vulnerable by planting seeds of fear, guilt or unworthiness.

When did it begin? If you trace it back, it may have been just one moment where a lie from the enemy entered in and we allowed it in, thought about it and began a cycle of believing a lie, then more lies associated with the first one. Before we knew it, we were believing untruths and began to base our actions on that thought pattern. Consider an area of life where you feel least content. Chances are, at some point, self-defeating thoughts formed a belief system based on lies, not the truth. Cast them out now and stop the pattern, it is your choice to hit DELETE! By filtering the millions of thoughts bombarding our mind each day, we can choose to change your thought narrative to that which is true, productive and empowering. Like the good Book says in 2 Corinthians 10:5 "take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ."

Hmmmm, something to think about. Think good thoughts!


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